Sequencing activities in N3

    In Nursery 3 we do many different types of sequencing activities. We use stickers, shapes, colours, small transport vehicles, animals and anything that come to our minds.

   This time we did our sequencing to coincide with our colour of the week. The children painted one of their hands blue or yellow (teachers painted the other hand) then they did the sequencing with their blue and yellow hand prints. At the end they rubbed their hands together to make our colour of the week green!!! Many of the children were surprised to see the new colour!!


Finding Snowman – Nursery 3

To finish off our Winter theme at Nursery 3 we decided to do a science experiment and for that we needed help from our beloved Snowman; but, where is he?. Four different parts of the Snowman (hat, scarf, eyes, nose) were frozen in ice cube containers. Each child got an ice cube and had to pour water over it and warm it in their hands. As the ice cube slowly melted the different parts were released.

Once the Snowman´s part were free from the ice they placed them in their corresponding tray and when they were dry the children glued them and made him a Snowman again!!.


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