N3 Learning about disabilities – Sight

In N3 we have been learning about disabilities and using our 5 senses.  We did several blindfolded activities to experience what it is like to be blind.  Some of the children tried to walk across the room while tapping a stick on the floor so they didn’t bump into anything, others had to pick something from a box and guess what it was.

We did blindfolded taste and feel tests. The first was done with with 3 glasses filled with juice, milk and water.  They look and taste different, but when blindfolded they feel the same.  We did the same with salt, white sugar and brown sugar.  They feel the same, but look and or taste differently.  Through this activity we learned the vocabulary same, different, salty, sweet and sour when they tasted a bit of lemon.

The children have been also learning some sign language and watching videos such as Barefoot books and Mr. Tumble, which depict people with different disabilities.

Sensory Play – Nursery 3

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.52.45

At Nursery stage (from 1 to 3 years old) the world becomes an adventure. Its all about discovering and exploring. At nursery 3, one of the topics its to experience the worlds shapes, colours and textures.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.53.03Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.53.35

Every week a new colour and shape is introduced to the pupils through dynamic and fun activities. This time at “Sensory Play” they had so much fun experimenting with the changing colour and textures as the ice melted and the rice started to become moist and blue. Each kid started to express themselves in their own special way. Some covered the ice with the rice until it melted, some were amazed by the changing colour of the rice and started to roll the rice through their fingers.

They had an amazing time!!

Sequencing activities in N3

    In Nursery 3 we do many different types of sequencing activities. We use stickers, shapes, colours, small transport vehicles, animals and anything that come to our minds.

   This time we did our sequencing to coincide with our colour of the week. The children painted one of their hands blue or yellow (teachers painted the other hand) then they did the sequencing with their blue and yellow hand prints. At the end they rubbed their hands together to make our colour of the week green!!! Many of the children were surprised to see the new colour!!

Finding Snowman – Nursery 3

To finish off our Winter theme at Nursery 3 we decided to do a science experiment and for that we needed help from our beloved Snowman; but, where is he?. Four different parts of the Snowman (hat, scarf, eyes, nose) were frozen in ice cube containers. Each child got an ice cube and had to pour water over it and warm it in their hands. As the ice cube slowly melted the different parts were released.

Once the Snowman´s part were free from the ice they placed them in their corresponding tray and when they were dry the children glued them and made him a Snowman again!!.


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