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Corporate Communications in St. Peter's School

Free play in N1 & 2

We’ve been enjoying our afternoon playing together in Nursery 1 and 2! It’s been a pleasure to meet our friends again after Christmas. We have a lot of plans for this term. Keep tuned for new activities!

Paper play in Nursery 1

We have been playing with tissue paper in N1. We enjoyed scrunching the paper and throwing it. And finally, we collected the paper from the floor and put it into the basket!!

These kind of plays help our kids to understand how to use some objects, in this case, paper. Also, they learn to understand prepositions such as “under”, “on top” or “behind” by carrying out the action (playing and scrunching the paper).

They learn as they play and have fun. What else??

Celebrating Halloween and La Castanyada in N3!

This week Nursery 3 was very busy celebrating both Halloween and La Castanyada.

First, they carved pumpkins and decorated them. Later, they could use the parts not used to make some art with Autumn colours.

When they finished working with pumpkins they had an amazing and spooky idea: why don’t we cook spiders? And they did it!

And finally, they had a traditional visit: La “Castanyera” came to St. Peter’s and told her stories about chestnuts, sweet potatoes and this traditional event in Cataluña.


Exploring with leaves in N1!

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Fall is such a lovely time of year! Its the perfect time of year for fall sensory play with leaves! Nursery 1 have been taking part in this amazing sensory play. They have been exploring with leaves, feeling them, throwing them and using them to make pictures for our display.

Exploring the environment can be a great way to teach our little ones about the changing of seasons and provides them with an opportunity to develop their senses, make observations and learn some new words!