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Autumn painting in Nursery 3

Before Winter arrives, we are taking advantage of Autumn. After o walk around, we decided to paint a collage using several pines cones to make an Autumn tree.

We painted with brushes, rollers and our own hands.

You can see the results on the walls of our classrooms!!

Painting with feathers

n1 2.jpg

Have you ever tried painting with feathers?
Children love everything about feathers from the colours to how they feel all soft and fluffy.

It´s nice to explore with the things in our environment and that´s exactly what they did. The children in Nursery 1 explored by using the feathers to paint with. By swirling and mixing the different types of paint, they were able to create different patterns and textures.

Painting strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination so open up a bag of feathers and have fun!

Spring is here!

after school niki.png
There´s no better way to paint flowers than to get outside and see them in their full glory and that´s exactly what they did.
The children at their after school arts and crafts club, took their paper and pencils and went to the beautiful secret garden at the bottom of the playground where they found lots of different flowers blooming.
They looked closely to find the different patterns, colours and textures and tried to copy them.
Take a look at some of the work they produced…

Collage PicMonkey 2.png


When sun meets rain

As one of the Curious Kids projects this term, the children in Foundation are learning all about the weather.

To introduce the topic they looked at rainbows and discovered that when it is sunny and raining simultaneously, the rain droplets act like little prisms to create a rainbow.
They looked at rainbows and found they are made up of several colours.

They then decided to make their own rainbow display.  They cut out raindrops and painted a rain cloud, made a sun with a collage of tissue paper and then made a big rainbow using their handprints.

f4k weather.png

Getting creative with bubble wrap!

Nursery 2 have been getting creative with bubble wrap!
They taped bubble wrap to the floor, the kids took off their socks and shoes and were encouraged to jump on it until it popped.
They then painted it so that it can be used as part of their display.
Whilst painting, the children spontaneously started painting their feet and walking over it.
It´s so nice to watch them get creative and let their imaginations run away with them!