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N3 Learning about disabilities – Sight

In N3 we have been learning about disabilities and using our 5 senses.  We did several blindfolded activities to experience what it is like to be blind.  Some of the children tried to walk across the room while tapping a stick on the floor so they didn’t bump into anything, others had to pick something from a box and guess what it was.

We did blindfolded taste and feel tests. The first was done with with 3 glasses filled with juice, milk and water.  They look and taste different, but when blindfolded they feel the same.  We did the same with salt, white sugar and brown sugar.  They feel the same, but look and or taste differently.  Through this activity we learned the vocabulary same, different, salty, sweet and sour when they tasted a bit of lemon.

The children have been also learning some sign language and watching videos such as Barefoot books and Mr. Tumble, which depict people with different disabilities.

Autumn is here! – Nursery 3

We are enjoying the start of Autumn in Nursery 3. We went on an Autumn walk looking at the changes in the environment. We collected various treasures: leaves, pine cones, twigs… We began to explore the different colours and textures of leaves, and then we gathered everything in our class tray and made a nature collage painting and glowing. We added pasta, tissue papers, autumn colours and all our little treasures we found on our walk

We were so proud of our paintings we made a special display in our class just to show off all our hard work!