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Painting a Very Hungry Caterpillar in N1 & N2

Today we heard the story of a “Very Hungry Caterpillar”. What did he eat on Monday?, How many pears did he eat on Tuesday?. The very hungry caterpillar ate every day and then became a beautiful butterfly.

Now it´s time to draw our friend the Caterpillar. It was so fun to do it with balloons.

Paper play in Nursery 1

We have been playing with tissue paper in N1. We enjoyed scrunching the paper and throwing it. And finally, we collected the paper from the floor and put it into the basket!!

These kind of plays help our kids to understand how to use some objects, in this case, paper. Also, they learn to understand prepositions such as “under”, “on top” or “behind” by carrying out the action (playing and scrunching the paper).

They learn as they play and have fun. What else??

Exploring with leaves in N1!

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Fall is such a lovely time of year! Its the perfect time of year for fall sensory play with leaves! Nursery 1 have been taking part in this amazing sensory play. They have been exploring with leaves, feeling them, throwing them and using them to make pictures for our display.

Exploring the environment can be a great way to teach our little ones about the changing of seasons and provides them with an opportunity to develop their senses, make observations and learn some new words!

N1 explores with goo!

This week Nursery 1 used all their senses when exploring the mysterious goo. The children were fascinated to see blue powder turn into goo when the teacher added water. We even learned how to say ‘Wow!’.

At first some children were hesitant to touch it but with encouragement from their teachers and friends they quickly got stuck into the fun! We all had tremendous fun and have been strengthening our fine motor skills.

Painting with feathers

n1 2.jpg

Have you ever tried painting with feathers?
Children love everything about feathers from the colours to how they feel all soft and fluffy.

It´s nice to explore with the things in our environment and that´s exactly what they did. The children in Nursery 1 explored by using the feathers to paint with. By swirling and mixing the different types of paint, they were able to create different patterns and textures.

Painting strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination so open up a bag of feathers and have fun!