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Painting a Very Hungry Caterpillar in N1 & N2

Today we heard the story of a “Very Hungry Caterpillar”. What did he eat on Monday?, How many pears did he eat on Tuesday?. The very hungry caterpillar ate every day and then became a beautiful butterfly.

Now it´s time to draw our friend the Caterpillar. It was so fun to do it with balloons.

Carving our first pumpkins!

We FINALLY carved our pumpkins in Nursery.  Of all our favourite fall activities, this is a must do tradition.  With the proper set up, the kids were free to get to work by themselves. We encouraged them to do it together and we let them explore freely. It was an amazing experience!


Getting creative with bubble wrap!

Nursery 2 have been getting creative with bubble wrap!
They taped bubble wrap to the floor, the kids took off their socks and shoes and were encouraged to jump on it until it popped.
They then painted it so that it can be used as part of their display.
Whilst painting, the children spontaneously started painting their feet and walking over it.
It´s so nice to watch them get creative and let their imaginations run away with them!