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A very special visit in Nursery 3

Last Friday we had a very special visit! Santa, daddies and mummies came to celebrate that Christmas is coming! We sang along together and Santa gave us some special gifts!

We wish you all a merry Christmas!!!

Mini Entrepreneurs in Nursery 3!


Something magical happened last week in Nursery 3. The children created their own Mini Enterprise with the help from the GCSE business students in Pre-U. Both, the students in Pre-U and the children in Nursery 3 learned together to work in teams, to teach and learn and to take part in a collaborative business project.

It was amazing to see the children create their own Cookie Shop. They were involved in every stage of the whole business process. And that means a lot!

Within their teams, they were responsible for; market research, product design, buying ingredients from the classroom shop, baking and decorating the cookies, coming up with a brand name, decorating their shop for the big day and finally the role play part in which they would sell the cookies at their shop to the parents.

It is a great way to get the children to think of the bigger picture whilst paying close attention to the small details.

Getting the children to take pride in what they have created and worked so hard for was such an easy task as all of the children enjoyed the process so much.

A big thank you to the parents for showing up on the day and really embracing the role play task. Role play is such an important part of the young childs education and it means a lot to us that we could share this with you.

We cannot wait to do it again soon!

Posting Christmas cards

The children in Nursery have been busy all week making Christmas cards for their family.
Today they got the chance to go up to the post box near school with their parents and teachers to post them.
The children are really looking forward to them being delivered to their homes.


We would like to thank all of the parents that took part!
The children and teachers alike are so happy you came!

Nursery 3 Yoga Workshop

We are excited to announce that the yoga workshop for Nursery 3 will be commencing on the 13th November.
If you wish to take part with your child, could you please ensure you put your name down for the time that best suits you. There are three time slots to choose from: 14:30, 15:15 and 16:00.

You will find the sign up sheet displayed on your child´s classroom door. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Parents-meetings dates


Remember that you all have a schedule of 20 minute time slots in Reception for the Parents-meetings that are taking place during the following weeks. During these meetings we will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s adaptation, progress and day-to-day routine as reflected in their school report. Resources and class work will be available on hand to review.

Here are the dates for every class:

Nursery 1 Miss Ruth
Tuesday 10th November

Nursery 2 Miss Julie
Wednesday 11th November
Wednesday 18th November

Nursery 2 Miss Katerina
Thursday 12th November
Monday 16th November

Nursery 3 Miss Jane
Tuesday 1st December
Thursday 3rd December

Nursery 3 Miss Sarah
Monday 30th November
Wednesday 2nd December

Foundation 4 Miss Nicola
Wednesday 11th November
Wednesday 18th November
Wednesday 25th November

Foundation 4 Miss Rachida
Thursday 12th November
Thursday 19th November
Thursday 26th November

Foundation 5 Miss Elizabeth
Monday 9th November
Monday 16th November
Monday 23rd November

Foundation 5 Miss Katie
Monday 9th November
Monday 16th November
Tuesday 17th November
Monday 23rd November

In addition to these meetings we are available to meet if / when any concerns or questions arise. Regular and open communication between home and school is essential for the well-being and successful education of your child. Your feedback and support are invaluable. We look forward to seeing you!

Foundation Team