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The little lion hunters

n2 lion hunt.jpg

Would you go on a lion hunt?
They little lion hunters in Nursery 2 have been busy at work trying to see what they could find.
With their binoculars to hand, they went on a hunt around the school.
They found pictures of animals and even a lion cave.
It´s so much fun being an explorer!

Research on Language Acquisition in Plurilingual Kids


This week a team of researchers from the University of Barcelona visited us to carry out research on Language Acquisition. They want to understand how plurilingual kids acquire language and how can it affect how they learn.

The first stage of research was carried out last year and now they are extending it to confirm some of their initial findings, which are really interesting. The children who participated in the research were highly motivated and loved watching the stories in different languages that were on a very “strange” big  screen.  Here are some of them with their certificates!