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When sun meets rain

As one of the Curious Kids projects this term, the children in Foundation are learning all about the weather.

To introduce the topic they looked at rainbows and discovered that when it is sunny and raining simultaneously, the rain droplets act like little prisms to create a rainbow.
They looked at rainbows and found they are made up of several colours.

They then decided to make their own rainbow display.  They cut out raindrops and painted a rain cloud, made a sun with a collage of tissue paper and then made a big rainbow using their handprints.

f4k weather.png

Making our own habitats

If you were to create your own minibeast habitat, what would it look like?
What would it look like?
What materials would you use?

As part of the current Curious Kids project in Foundation 4 & 5, the children have been learning all about minibeasts and their habitats. They have been experimenting and creating some habitats of their own too.
Take a look at them in action…

habitats ART.png