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Using musical instruments

music n3.png


Whether you are tapping, shaking, banging or blowing, musical instruments are a great way to get children engaged in music.

The children are exploring how sounds can be changed and learning how to copy a simple repeated rhythm.
Watch this space for some future professional musicians.


exploring how sounds can be changed

What is wind?

f4a wind.png

As part of our Curious Kids project on weather, the children in Foundation 4 have been exploring all about the wind. They learned about what the wind is and how it can be measured – by speed and direction. They then explored what happened when you changed the speed and direction of the wind through experimenting with blowing down straws at different objects and paint. The following week the children learnt about weather reports and decided to become weather reporters themselves.
They made some beautiful wind socks and hung them in the trees outside so they could see what speed and direction the wind was blowing in and report on it.


Getting creative with bubble wrap!

Nursery 2 have been getting creative with bubble wrap!
They taped bubble wrap to the floor, the kids took off their socks and shoes and were encouraged to jump on it until it popped.
They then painted it so that it can be used as part of their display.
Whilst painting, the children spontaneously started painting their feet and walking over it.
It´s so nice to watch them get creative and let their imaginations run away with them!



Making our own habitats

If you were to create your own minibeast habitat, what would it look like?
What would it look like?
What materials would you use?

As part of the current Curious Kids project in Foundation 4 & 5, the children have been learning all about minibeasts and their habitats. They have been experimenting and creating some habitats of their own too.
Take a look at them in action…

habitats ART.png